Flat Roofing

As far as flat roofing is concerned we offer the world RENOWNED Firestone Rubbercover (EPDM) single ply membrane system.


We cannot emphasize enough how highly we rate this system and so this is the only flat roofing system,apart from Lead, that we use and endorse.That should tell you that we rate it very very highly.

This product comes with a 20 year manufacturers guarantee.We are fully trained and certificated to use this product.

No mess, no fuss, no heat involved, as it is a cold solution glue which is purpose made for this application.

This system is ordered as a complete kit for each individual roof and comes with all edge & gutter trims,wall trims glues & sealants.

We offer a full re-boarding service if it is required and this can usually be determined at the time of inspection,if not we will always tell you what the extra cost will be should it be necessary to re-board the roof after removing the existing roof covering(usually felt).

This is the future of flat roofing and is becoming more & more popular,is not cost prohibitive and is fully approved by building control for loft conversions etc.

Please request a brochure for your perusal.

In summary we believe this to be the best flat roofing system on the market today and, is cheaper & cleaner to install than many other systems like GRP (fibreglass),built up felt roofing etc.

Remember no VAT for a limited period only.